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CGI Traffic Analysis

These items allow you to collect and analyze statistical information about your web site traffic.

Please Note: This is only a general description of typical items in this category. Please check each item for the exact details of the facilities or functions it provides, as they may vary widely.

Here are some other pages on this website that may be of interest:

Web Sites, Internet Sites, etc.

Here are some Internet products and web sites:

Globalcgi CGI Archive

 Click here for details
Leading CGI scripts, for the beginner to the advanced webmaster, including:
  • Replicating Autoresponder Advertising
  • Replicating FFA Link Networks
  • Customize a MYSQL Backend Database Search
  • Start your own Auction Site
  • Manage and Contact Your Mailing Lists
  • Increase Bookmarking of Your Website
  • Email Security Software - NO MORE VIRUSES!
  • Attract New Customers
  • Online Dating Software
  • Drop Ship E-Commerce Solutions
  • Sell passwords, content, or merchandise
  • Promote Sites Automatically Into Search Engines
  • Manage and Solve Security Threats
  • Stop Password Hurling and Trading
  • Control Bandwidth Abuse and Data Mining
  • Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Automated Billing Solutions
  • Advanced Log Trends and Statistics Analysis
  • Affiliate and Clicktracking Software
  • Domain Name Research Tools
  • Much MUCH More!

Traffic Source

 Click here for details
This script monitors where you visitors are coming from and which web pages they come to.

Xavier's Counter

 Click here for details
This CGI script is a simple counter that counts your visitors and logs the refering URLs. You may view the log in your browser or the script can email it to you.

MegaCGI MegaStats

 Click here for details
This script generates access stats, referrals, total visits to site and per page and more. To use the script you must place an invisible (to visitors) Server Side Include (SSI) tag in each page.

MegaCGI IP Logger

 Click here for details
Logs the IP address of visitors to chosen pages on your site, and displays the IP address too. A great deterrent to fraudsters.

Intelliscript CounterMail

 Click here for details
This is a counter script which also records the exact path users follow when navigating your web site.

Access Log Viewer

 Click here for details
This is a free Perl script that allows you to view all or part of your web server's log files.

All Count - Web Hit Counter

 Click here for details
This is a Perl script that allows you to view visitor numbers and statisical information about your visitors.

Error Log Viewer

 Click here for details
This is a free Perl script that allows you to view all or part of your web server's error logs.

Click here!

CoffeeCup Software

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