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Making Money with Google AdSense

Google operates a program where you can place their adverts on your site, and earn based on the number of visitors who click on these adverts. Carefully designing your pages, choosing the best advert types, etc., may allow you to increase your earnings with their program.

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Web Sites, Internet Sites, etc.

Here are some Internet products and web sites:

AdSense Gold-Your Fast Track To Profits

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Triple your CTR, skyrocket your EPC, track your clicks by search engine, referrer and more! Learn how to join the AdSense ELITE.

The Definitive Guide To Google AdSense

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43 Chapters, 101 pages+ of industrial-strength AdSense Insider Secrets with in-built Affiliate Program.

Maximize AdSense Revenue

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5- 10 times increase revenue in next 90 days in AdSense.


Here are some books from

Disclosure: Products details and descriptions provided by Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this website.

Google AdSense Secrets 6.0: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense

By Joel Comm

Joel Comm, Inc.
Released: 2015-02-05
Kindle Edition (303 pages)

Google AdSense Secrets 6.0: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense
Product Description:
New York Times Best-Selling Author Joel Comm has been teaching people around the world how to make money with Google's AdSense program for publishers since 2004. As one of the first website publishers to "crack the code", Joel's books and ebooks have been read by thousands of people. This completely updated and revised 6th edition of the book that has become the AdSense bible contains the latest strategies and tips for creating content rich sites that can be monetized with Google AdSense.

SEO 2020: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies

By Adam Clarke

Released: 2014-09-09
Kindle Edition (235 pages)

SEO 2020: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies
Product Description:

Learn SEO strategies to rank at the top of Google with SEO 2020, from beginner to advanced!


No matter your background, SEO 2020 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, exact steps to rank high in Google, and how get a ton of customers. First, let me tell you a little secret about SEO marketing...

Most of the search engine optimization advice on the Internet is wrong!

If you've browsed through search engine optimization advice online, you may have noticed two things:

- Most SEO advice is outdated or just dead-wrong.
- Google's constant updates have made many popular SEO optimization strategies useless.

Why is this so? Google are constantly evolving. Some recent changes:

1. October, 2019 - Google releases their groundbreaking new BERT machine learning algorithm, with Google now understanding searches almost like a human.
2. September, 2019 - Google releases new guidelines on nofollow links, providing worldwide changes for advertisers and SEO professionals alike.
3. August, 2018 - Google releases an industry changing update, with some sites showing up to 50% decreases or increases in traffic, later titled the "Medic Update".
4. March, 2018 - Google's game-changing "Mobile First Index" is rolled out, completely overhauling how the search results are calculated.

SEO 2020 covers these latest updates to Google's algorithm and how to use them to your advantage. This book also reveals potential changes coming up in 2020. With this best-selling SEO book, learn SEO from a fundamental level, achieve top rankings, and generate a wave of new customers to your site.

Discover powerful link building techniques experts use to get top rankings

Link building is the strongest factor for ranking high in Google. Unfortunately, most widely-used methods suck! This chapter walks you through new powerful techniques that won't get you in hot-water with Google. Now updated with more link building strategies, and extra tips for advanced readers.

You will also discover:

1. Important SEO concepts, from beginner to advanced.
2. Sneaky tricks to get local businesses ranking high with local SEO.
3. The inner workings of Google’s algorithm and how it calculates the search results.
4. How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site.
5. Basic and advanced link building strategies for pushing your rankings up higher.
6. Six insider sources to get expert SEO or Internet marketing advice worth thousands of dollars, for free.
7. How to use social media and web analytics to multiply your results.

Sidestep Google search engine updates in 2020

Contrary to Internet marketing gossip, problems caused by Google updates are rarely irrecoverable—but you need the right knowledge. This book reveals:

- The inner mechanics of Google's algorithm, and how to rank your site at the top.
- Recent Google updates—Google's BERT Update, new guidelines on nofollow links, Google's Medic Update, Google's Mobile First Index, Google Speed update, Google's RankBrain algorithm and more...
- Potential changes coming up in 2020.
- How to safe-guard against penalties in 2020 and beyond.
- How to recover from Google penalties.

And read the special bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising

In this special bonus chapter, learn to quickly setup pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Google AdWords, and send more customers to your site overnight, literally.

One of the most comprehensive SEO optimization and Internet marketing books ever published—now expanded and updated—of all best-selling SEO books, this is the only one with everything you need. Scroll up, click buy, and get started now!

Internet Marketing Google Adsense 2019

By H Rathour

Released: 2018-12-14
Kindle Edition (83 pages)

Internet Marketing Google Adsense 2019
Product Description:
How Adsense Changed The Internet
Ever since Google came up with the master idea that is AdSense, the web has transformed in a variety of ways no one would have ever suspected. Some of these are good changes others aren’t.

This is a small exploration of how a brilliant marketing scheme has taken the web by storm. It deals with the changes advertisers and publishers and even website visitors have undergone ever since AdSense has become a daily part of our on-line lives.

Even before AdSense came out a lot of people were advertising through AdWords. It ensured a lot of publicity through getting your site listed at the top in Google search queries. It took away a lot of the pain and price of SEO and the large amount of time you had to wait until you were finally on top. It made launching a website, a realistic way to instant profitability instead of a long term strategy with no immediate returns.

Through the use of AdSense, the possibility appeared of having your ads appear on just about any site on the Internet that has anything that even resembles your company is all about. And so it’s for that reason that AdSense has brought a new sense of advertising to the Internet. Before PPC poorly ranked web pages had to advertise offline to get any real initial exposure.

Companies no longer have to hire expensive professionals to create extremely elaborate advertising campaigns. There are no high costs of running your ads on websites which you have to personally look for.

All you do is come up with a couple of meaningful words for your business, sign up with Google AdWords and let Google take care of the rest of the equation. Although it requires day to day management automation saves  Saves significant time for advertisers.

Google AdSense Everything You Need To Know: A Beginners Guide to Getting Started With Google AdSense To Monetize Your Website & Blog

By Channing Jack Abner

Balor Publishing
Released: 2019-07-15
Kindle Edition (83 pages)

Google AdSense Everything You Need To Know: A Beginners Guide to Getting Started With Google AdSense To Monetize Your Website & Blog
Product Description:
If you look at the Internet a few years back, you’ll see that advertising was done in a way that was very similar to other types of media like television, or actually, more like what you see in a newspaper.

You’d enter a site, and in some location you’d get to see a banner (often these were quite numerous and very large), which would present and ad for whatever company was paying for adds on your space.

But there was one problem with this kind of advertising. It really wasn’t exploiting the fact that the adds weren’t in some newspaper, but were instead presented over the Internet.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of things like this over the pages you’ve browsed. You’re looking at an on-line shop, looking for a watch but you get a banner that advertises a car.

While you might, at some later point want to buy a car, right now you’re looking for a watch and it would have surely been nice if the banner were advertising a watch, because then you would have probably clicked it.

Well that’s also what the folks at Google thought of, so they came up with a killer idea. This is knows as Google AdSense, and it’s known as a targeted advertising program

What you do (as a web designer / website owner) is, instead of jumping through hoops to get some banner on your site that your visitors won’t even care about, is you just allocate some region of the screen.

You then sign up for the Google AdSense program, you insert a small snippet of code in your webpage and Google ensures that in the location you specify, a banner will appear, presenting adds relevant to the contents of your site.

It’s very easy for Google to do this because Google is a search engine company. It looks for the key words in your page, searches a database of websites to find the ones related to whatever is on your page and presto: a targeted ad.

You (the webmaster) get a fee for each visitor that clicks on an adsense banner on your site. Now that’s bound to happen more often then with a traditional banner because people are actually interested in what’s in that banner (otherwise, they wouldn’t be on your page would they?).

But, this also does wonders for the people who want to advertise. And it’s because of the same reason. The greatest thing about Google AdSense is that all the content in a banner is relevant.

This relevancy is the key to the programs success, and also the reason why everyone remains happy. The advertiser has a relevantly placed advert, the publisher earns money from their content and Google take their cut.

Of course, as always, Google has set some high standards for its AdSense program, in terms of looks and functionality. You can’t have more than two such banners on your website and Google only inserts text in these banners.

So an extra benefit is that AdSense advertising is a lot less obtrusive then regular advertising. But this also means you should position the banner better because it’s possible that visitors might miss it altogether.

So in the end, Google AdSense is an advertising program that is unique because the ads are relevant to the content on the site. Anyone that wants to advertise pays Google for it. Anyone who wants to place ads on their site does this through AdSense, getting paid by Google in the process.

All transactions are run through Google, and the advertisers and publishers get access to statistics which help them to understand and moderate the effectiveness of their campaign.

The whole process is elegant, simple and effective from anyone in the chain, from site visitors to advertisers, and it’s one of the reasons Google are known for their innovation and new thinking.

Google AdSense For Dummies

By Jerri L. Ledford

For Dummies
Paperback (346 pages)

Google AdSense For Dummies
List Price: $24.99*
Lowest New Price: $57.41*
Lowest Used Price: $3.99*
*(As of 00:45 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
You can get paid for online ad placement with Google AdSense! If you’ve ever considered using AdSense to improve revenue for your Web site, Google AdSense For Dummies will get you started. It’s loaded with tips to help you implement a successful AdSense program.

AdSense lets you generate income with ad placement on blogs and Web sites. Google AdSense For Dummies shows you how AdSense works, how to analyze cost per click and track AdSense results, and how to earn money from your blog or Web site without selling a product. Discover how to:

  • Register and set up an AdSense program
  • Track results with server logs, AdSense reports, and Google Analytics
  • Boost AdSense income with search engine optimization techniques
  • Apply Google guidelines by including relevant links and content, making your site easy to navigate, using a sitemap, and keeping links in good repair
  • Fine-tune your Web site with beefed-up content to please Google and boost effectiveness
  • Earn more with AdSense for RSS, streaming video, and referral units
  • Design appealing ads and search boxes, and deal with ads from competitors
  • Add video units to your site, design mobile ad units, and understand referral units

In Google AdSense For Dummies, author Jerri Ledford, a self-described “Google geek,” helps you make money with AdSense.

How to Create an Online Advertising Empire: I will show you how to use Google Adsense to make money on your website

By David Cisneros M.S.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (118 pages)

How to Create an Online Advertising Empire: I will show you how to use Google Adsense to make money on your website
List Price: $17.00*
Lowest New Price: $17.00*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 00:45 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
This book will describe how anybody can learn how to use Google Adsense to advertise on simple websites and make passive income.

Google AdSense Mastery Guide: A-Z of Making Money from World's biggest Ad network

By Harsh Agrawal

Released: 2017-02-16
Kindle Edition (73 pages)

Google AdSense Mastery Guide: A-Z of Making Money from World s biggest Ad network
Product Description:
Wondering how to make money from Google AdSense?
Want to know how to get started & how to increase your AdSense revenue?
Welcome to the Google AdSense Mastery Guide by ShoutMeLoud. This is an exclusive eBook that covers all aspects of Google AdSense. From beginner to pro, this eBook details everything that you need to get started making a handsome income from Google AdSense.
It doesn’t matter if you are in the tech niche, the fashion niche, finance, travel or any other niche, this eBook is written for everyone who has a website & wishes to earn passive income from AdSense with blogging.


By Ogochukwu Umeh

Umeh Ogochukwu
Released: 2020-01-20
Kindle Edition (6 pages)

Product Description:
A lot of people go into blogging but after a few months without seeing results, they get frustrated. This used to be me back in the years. This e-Book would help you make a lot of money off blogging without having a Google Adsense publisher account. Just so you know, I don't also have a Google Adsense account so i am basically living what I am writing here.

An assurance i give to you is that if you purchase this e-Book, practice it and wait for the later series, you would have no reason to ever go broke or complain about blogging. You can us an email for more enquiries

AdSense Earning Bomb - Ebook

By Jimit Patel

Released: 2018-08-31
Kindle Edition (75 pages)

AdSense Earning Bomb - Ebook
Product Description:
Create passive income in 30 days?
In this course, you will learn the exact strategy to run a successful AdSense Earning that can help you make money day and night. This course is different as this will teach you the exact strategy involved in building a website, driving traffic to it and getting Profit just by working an hour a day. In the last three years, I have developed successful and proven techniques that you can confidently emulate and start making money within a few days. Now I understand you may have some questions popping in your mind like…

How can I do it?
It all boils down to action! If you take the right actions and follow the instructions exactly, I am sure you will have a stable source of income soon. All you need is 1 hour of your daily time and exactly follow up of this AdSense Earning Building Method. It is a proven technique that has been tested on many elements of traffic generation. Right now you have the advantage right here in your hands. Let it be your guide as you make money!

Powered by

Mastering AdSense: The Insider's Guide to Increasing Your Earnings with Google AdSense

By John Colascione

Independently published
Paperback (43 pages)

Mastering AdSense: The Insider s Guide to Increasing Your Earnings with Google AdSense
List Price: $9.99*
Lowest New Price: $9.99*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 00:45 Pacific 22 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Mastering AdSense is a guide specifically designed to assist website owners in learning and understanding how to maximize their Google AdSense earnings. It is not a get rich quick formula. It is intended to explain how exactly Google decides which ads to display and when these ads should pay-out the most to publishers – and why. Topic chapters include Google’s smart pricing algorithms, what they deem to be invalid clicks and/or impressions where funds are deducted from publisher earnings, as well as touch on additional critical factors such as the use and avoidance of ad-blockers and other obstacles which create a very different digital landscape for today’s web site publisher verses years past. Although it is more challenging than in the past, being successful with AdSense and competing in today’s highly competitive online space is surely not impossible and those who keep at it and are persistent and determined to learn, adapt and change strategies with the times ahead are most likely to succeed. I hope that you enjoy what you find while reading and experiencing Mastering AdSense as the only way it truly serves its purpose, is by increasing your earnings.

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